Corporate Services

Our associated Corporate Services Company, Regent Corporate Management Limited (“Regent”) can provide a range of professional services to local and international clients.  Offshore companies in the TCI are referred to as Exempted Companies or International Business Companies (“IBC”). These are companies which conduct business generally outside of the T.C.I Companies who operate mainly outside of the TCI. Regent provides nominee services for directors and company members. Additionally Regent provides services in the area of Ordinary company formation for on island trading and holding companies. Regent is competent in the area corporate structuring, capital formation, share issues, devising shareholder’s and Joint Venture Agreements to suit the desired business purpose to handling the trading and transactions of the company as it progresses.

Property Law

Phillipson d’Arceuil can assist with all matters relating to real estate law such as Transfers of Land, Land Agreements, Options and Conveyancing; Leases and landlord matters; Restrictive Agreements; Powers of Attorney; Option Agreements; Mortgages and Charges to Protect Lenders and Borrowers. 

Business Licensing

Persons seeking to do business in the islands must operate under a valid licence. We have considerable experience in this area on advising our clientele how to comply with the requirements of the Business Licensing Ordinance and other laws. There are certain categories of licensing reserved to Belongers of the TCI and other areas of the law which are open to all persons seeking to conduct bona-fide business activity in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Please enquire further as we are certain we can assist you in these matters. Our sister company, Regent Corporate Management Limited , can assist in the structuring of the appropriate vehicle for your business from the Ordinary Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or joint venture entity. Some businesses require Shareholder’s Agreements or Joint Venture structuring which we are able to advise on all of these areas. Please enquire further and advise us of your needs.

  • Intellectual Property

  • General and Captive Insurance

  • Commercial Law

  • Distributorship Law

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Family law

  • Environmental Law

  • Employment Law

  • Immigration Law

  • Marine and Shipping

  • Free Trade

  • Probate & Administration of Estates.